How long do bankers spend reading your resume?

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Have you been sitting there slaving over your banking resume for the past week trying to get it perfect?

Well, I’m about to share some pretty F**KED UP NEWS that I don’t think you’re going to like.

Pour yourself some haaaard’re going to need it.  In fact, pull out the freaking top shelf shit.

So how long do bankers really spend reading your resume?

Five or ten minutes?

We are after all talking about your entire life on paper and your magical story in letter form.

It took you years of study, a life time of work and a helluva lot of sweat to chalk up that track record.  And damn are you proud of it.  No wonder we re-edit our resume 67 times before submission.

How much attention does your resume actually get?

15 seconds.  [that is not a freaking typo!!]

Max 30 if you are lucky.

Are we serious?


Do we think it’s right?

Most certainly.

Think about the b-o-n-d-a-g-e filled day of a young banker who’s been tasked with sifting through ‘some’ resumes.

After a 12 hour slog through an assortment of ‘random shit’, the young 20-something analyst sits down to a dinner of cold chicken teriyaki whilst scrolling through some emails requesting “one more thing” – it’s going to be a late one.

Come 11pm he (or she!) has finally finished the “will only take a minute” tasks their Associate requested, and now they have a couple pounds of resumes to sort through.

Say 200.

***How long would you spend on each resume if you planned a midnight departure?***

You’re sleep deprived, slightly bitter and who cares whether some kid from Wyoming plays club tennis in his spare time.

In other words, when bankers finally do get around to screening your resume they are usually exhausted and not in the mood to read your resume in much detail.

Your ‘audience’ is just like you around exam time…

Hunched over their desk, caffeinated to the wall, and fatigued as hell.

So take our insider advice and write your resume with your 3am night-before-the-exam Red Bull-crashing self in mind!

How do you do this?


Check out our sample resume here to see what a super banker-friendly resume looks like and what type of content it contains.

You’ll notice straight away how quick and easy it is for bankers to read, and the say yay or nay to…and making this job easy for them can make all the difference.

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