The Investment Banking Resume Bankers Will Love

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If you remember yesterday’s lesson, we talked about how the #1 way to differentiate your resume to all the other candidates applying is to write a killer work experience section.

And if you’re hopped up on some tasty ol’ ritalin like any good modern day Monopoly man, you’ll probably also remember the 6 key ways to make your work experience pop are;

  1. Show real results
  2. Be extremely specific
  3. Make it all client or employer focused
  4. NOT ‘you’ focused
  5. Lace your descriptions with banker-friendly and business-y terms
  6. Supplement everrrrrrything with metrics

But all this advice can sometimes seem a little hard to apply without an example.  So here is one example of a dot point for your work experience section…

Say you interned at a small accounting firm – then one results-centric dot point could be;

“Analyzed the monthly financial statements of a $2.0M (rev) boutique food retailer and found a way to reduce their accounts receivable by 22 days, which resulted in improved liquidity (17% increase) and an additional $25,000 cash surplus for the client”.

In this answer you’ve managed to mention;

  • A specific example of a task you did – and best of all you’ve managed to do this succinctly
  • The tangible real world result achieved (sooo often missing from students’ resumes)
  • 4 metrics to make it real and ‘touchable’ for the banker
  • Business/finance terms like “rev”, “analyzed”, “financial statements” and “accounts receivable” – shown you are an insider
  • You’ve focused it all on how you added value to the company/client (not you focused)

Bankers are guaranteed to understand exactly what you did and what the impact of it all was.  Perfection!!

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