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9 Investment Banking Resume Guides and Review Services

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Have you ever stayed up until 3am editing your resume for investment banking?

Desperate to make sure you have created the *perfect* resume, the one that will win you dozens of invitations to investment banking interviews.

Well, you are not alone.  But guess what, it’s easy!

All you need is to know what bankers want to see and what changes you need to make to your resume as a result.

Let’s take a look at a handful of the world’s best guides on investment banking resumes and cover letters now.  And then a quick run through the top investment banking resume review services out there.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to easily decide which resource is for you and you’ll have an A+ investment banking resume and cover letter in no time.

Investment Banking Resume Guides

1. WetFeet – Killer Investment Banking Resumes

An authoritative resource to help you write a top class investment banking resume and cover letter, WetFeet’s resume guide is a popular choice for aspiring bankers.  It may be a little outdated now (2003), but when it comes to resumes in investment banking not much changes over time.  Bankers still want powerful, mistake-free resumes that stand out.  And although WetFeet’s guide won’t contain any advice that will shock or surprise you, the series of before and after investment banking resume samples might as you see just how many changes a normal resume undergoes until it hits the banker gold standard!  A guide worthy of your consideration.

Details: available on Amazon used, but their generalist resume guide is available at WetFeet’s online store $19.95

2. Inside Investment Banking – Perfect Resume & Cover Letter Guide

If you can’t afford to have your resume reviewed by an actual investment banker, then Inside Investment Banking’s resume guide may be just right for you.  Written by a team of bankers this guide covers all the things you need to know to write your own banking resume and cover letter to an A+ standard.  This DIY approach is made easy by the fact that the guide is extremely comprehensive, action oriented and packed with unconventional tips.  You can get a better understanding of what’s inside by visiting Inside Investment Banking now and signing up for the free banking resume course.  As a recent production this is arguably the most up-to-date guide out there on how to write a killer investment banking resume.  Solid choice.

Details: FREE course

3. Vault – Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews

Vault is a powerhouse of career advice for people looking to land jobs in a variety of careers, and this is their popular guide for job seekers.  Although Vault’s publications can be quite good, this one falls short because it is not tailor made for banking at all (unlike their other guides, eg Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking).  But if you have free access to it through your college careers center then be sure to check it out, as it is a very quick read and can provide you with some extra tips to tighten up your investment banking resume and investment banking cover letter.  Note – Vault does look specifically at the investment banking resume and cover letter in passing in some of their investment banking focused guides.

Details: generalist resume guide $19.95


Investment Banking Resume Review Services

1. Inside Investment Banking

There are so many investment banking resume review services to choose from in the banking world, with dozens of bankers offering their services in forums, on Wall Street Oasis and even through Craigslist!  And while they may know their stuff, how can you be sure?  That’s where Inside Investment Banking’s service comes in…

Want to “get your resume torn apart and rebuilt from scratch by a team of experienced BB bankers”?  Well, then if you’re looking for the most relentless, ferocious and all round forensic resume review service out there, then look no further than Inside Investment Banking’s 2-1 detailed RR.

It’s billed as the most extensive review service out there and you need only take one look at a sample review to see it might very well be true.

Details: At $697 this is definitely not the cheapest option out there!  But in a world where you get what you pay for, this service seems perfect for those of you with money to spend and the burning desire to have a bullet proof, world class resume ready for this recruiting season.  The team have stopped offering review services, as their course now offers everything you need to write the perfect resume, including behind the scenes look as they tear apart real students’ resumes and build them back up from scratch.  Check out their free course here >

2. Bank on Banking

Run by iBanker, this website specializes in giving students just like you all the help they need to launch their career in investment banking.  When you visit Bank on Banking you can read dozens of high quality articles on IB recruiting, which is the sort of irrefutable proof you need to know that iBanker is the person for you.

But iBanker goes one better, providing a before and after sample investment banking resume; ie one that’s already had the privilege of undergoing a BankonBanking review.  Just like a good old-fashioned Kirsty Allen Jenny Craig ad you can see the transformative effect you’ll get when you submit your resume to iBanker.

Visit iBanker’s resume review page now to learn more about how your resume will not only be critiqued, but how iBanker will personally repackage it into a slick banker-friendly form.

Details: all-encompassing investment banking resume review $105, investment banking cover letter review $95 and IB resume & cover letter special $175

3. Wall Street Oasis

Wanna get the monkeys to do it?  Then you’ll probably want to head over to Wall Street Oasis’s resume review service, which is backed by the insanely strong brand WSO has built up over the years by helping students break into banking through it’s active forums, tight guides and banker-run services (like this one!).

You will get a fairly similar level of service to IIB and iBanker in terms of what they will do to your resume (initial review, back to you, final review).  And although WSO may take a few more days than iBanker’s prompt service, WSO does offer an expedited service for an extra charge.

Visit Wall Street Oasis’s investment banking resume review page to learn more about it and to read some of the testimonials left there by students and professionals who have already used their service.  You’ll quickly see why WSO is a leading provider of investment banking advisory services.

Details: investment banking resume review service $199, investment banking cover letter review $149 and expedited service $299

4. Management Consulted

What?  Why would you consider getting your investment banking resume reviewed by a website specializing in management consulting career advice?  Well, because one of the key members of the Management Consulted team is a Stanford alum, has serious bulge bracket banking experience and knows his stuff.  Just check out the resume before and after shots, especially “Sarah’s”.

As you can see Management Consulted’s IB resume review service is five star.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s read MC’s killer career advice before.  But what will truly blow you away about their resume revisions?  They offer unlimited advice for 30 days after your actual resume review.  That means even after they’ve gone over your resume with a fine tooth comb, you’ll have the chance to get your further questions answered as they pop up.  This after-sale service is unmatched.

Visit Management Consulted’s resume review page now to see their numerous before and after examples (remember that some of these example resumes were for aspiring management consultants), and to learn more about their comprehensive review process.  Expedited service available here too.

Details: dual-round investment banking resume review + unlimited 30 day support $200, investment banking cover letter review $100 and IB resume & cover letter special $250

5. Banking or Bust

You know how they sometimes say “it’s too go to be true”?  Well, how about a free investment banking resume review service?  Believe it or not, but this is possible over at BankingorBust!  As part of their hugely useful blog, BankingorBust like to do public resume reviews for free as a win-win.  But don’t worry, you get to submit your resume without any personally identifying information.

It must be said that the service is popular and the public reviews are only conducted periodically.  So this is kind of like a banking resume lottery.  Meaning, if you really want a resume review then don’t rely solely on this wildly awesome service being extended to you.

Visit BankingorBust regardless though, because it’s brimming with fresh articles on investment banking careers and how you can successfully launch yours this year.

Details: public investment banking resume review service $0

6. Dream Resume

To answer your first thought, no, no this is not a generic resume review service.  You see, Dream Resume was actually founded by a team of bankers and consultants, and it’s that sort of firepower that they will assign to your resume.  You can check out their sample resumes, including one for an entry level financial analyst and one sample banking resume for a financial analyst.

Visit Dream Resume’s review service page now to pore over the sample resumes and to see if they are for you – remember they have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the first draft!  No risk.

Details: resume review for entry level / students $179.99 and cover letter $49.99

7. IB Jobs Guru

A couple years ago IB Jobs Guru launched a resume review service – this was around the time things were going haywire on the Street.  But since then the blogosphere has not heard much from IB Jobs Guru and it seems their professional banking resume revision service is no longer.  With that said, you can check out IB Jobs Guru’s blog for a handful of quality articles on how to construct your investment-banking resume.

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