David Copperfield of investment banking interviews

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I used to watch a lot of David Copperfield as a kid…probably around the time you were eating crayons and counting Monopoly money in your crib.

He was a magician.  He was the greatest ever.

The dude landed freaking Claudia Schiffer!!  (Yes I know your Adriana Lima lovin ass doesn’t know her)

In today’s break into banking lesson, I want to show you how to become the David Copperfield of banking interviews…

I want to show you how to hypnotise your bankers into calming down on the insane technical questions like “How many pitch books fit in the Empire State?” or ball busting ones like “Why do you really want to work here?”, and asking more enjoyable questions like “Where do you play golf?”.

***1…2…3…let’s start hypnotising ourselves some bad ass bankers***

So, what’s the secret?

Well, if you make a fantastic first impression and show bags of intelligence and likeability, then the bankers aren’t going to keep drilling you with technical questions or crazy investment banking brain teasers for the next 40 minutes.

Nor are they going to whip out the inane questions like “Why do you want to work here?” or “Why investment banking?”.

Instead they’ll spend time getting to know you really well as they try to confirm their desire to get you on board.

In other words, if you allow them to see you’ve got brains at the very start of your interview, then you give them the luxury of allocating the rest of the interview to a two-way chat on personal issues…

…the type of chat that shows you would both work well together and that they should be offering you ASAAAAAP.

In a lesson coming up I’ll show you exactly how to make a stunning first impression that bankers will love every single time.

Meanwhile, let’s look at what happens when you go all Copperfield on their asses;


I remember one interview where the MD took the interview conversational after only a few minutes, because I made a confident first impression and flawlessly answered their first technical question “What would you do if I gave you $100,000 to invest?”.

The interview topics then deviated to the land of BFF like this;

– Europe study abroad (5 minutes)
– Traveling Asia (4 minutes)
– Golf (8 minutes)
– Light heartened banter about freaking tuna farm investments (9 minutes)

Needless to say the interview went swimmingly (oh that pun is bad) and I got offered pronto – how easy was that?!

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